When developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little developed WordPress as a blogging platform more than 19 years ago, no one would have thought that it would become one of the free, open-source, fully-fledged content management platforms. Guess how many websites on the internet use WordPress for content management? Over 43%, which used to be 32% just five years ago, is expected to surpass the 50% mark in the next two years or so.

Nowadays, not only bloggers use WordPress as their CMS, but giant corporations, government authorities, celebrities, etc., also rely on WordPress for content management because it has a comprehensive range of themes and plug-ins, making it ideal for website development.

Before we look at all the websites using WordPress, it’s important to understand the latter’s uses and benefits.

Uses of WordPress

WordPress powers more than 14% of the top websites on the planet. But why? Let’s take a look at the uses of WordPress.


WordPress can be great at keeping your private stuff secured and the website safe. It constantly monitors the traffic to check if there is any suspicious activity. Moreover, there are strong encryptions, firewalls, regular security tests, and a dedicated security team to safeguard your data.

Managed Hosting

When it comes to WordPress, downloading the software and paying added expenses for hosting and managing a server is no hassle. Instead, you can focus on providing the masses with great content while WordPress handles everything else. Also, if you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you will be pleased to know that WordPress is an entirely secure, fast-managed host that keeps the servers optimized for even the most complex content on the website.

Benefits of WordPress

So, why do these celebrities and massive MNCs opt for WordPress for website hosting and content management? Let’s take a look.

Open-source & Free

One of the reasons SMEs opt for WordPress is that it is an entirely free and open-source content management system. You can download it, use and customize it any way you want without spending a penny. You only need to pay for web hosting and domain registration, which is why it can be excellent for budding entrepreneurs.

You Are the Owner

WordPress gives you complete ownership and control over your website, content, and data.

Easy To Use

When you sign up for WordPress, you don’t need to know how to code. Even if you have no experience with technology, you will be able to use WordPress.

Massive Community

WordPress has a massive and strong community with loads of blogs, tutorials, articles, and videos to help you understand the platform and create the best websites and content.

Thousands of Plug-Ins and Themes

There are thousands of free and premium themes and more than 59K plug-ins available on WordPress, making extensive customization possible for any website.

Are you still unsure whether or not WordPress is a suitable content management system for you? Then check out some highly popular websites on the planet using WordPress.

Government & Official Websites

These websites are, supposedly, the face of a nation’s government or its prominent and former government officials.

1. PM India


The official website of the Prime Minister of India is managed by the PM office. It gives you an insight into the central government’s track record, keeps you updated about the latest news regarding the Prime Minister, and even lets you interact with him. Additionally, you can check out the PM visits and PM funds and follow the latest media coverage on him.

2. The White House


It’s the official website of The White House, and helps you keep up with all the latest information on the US administration, including the President of The United States (POTUS), Vice-President, First Lady, and the whole cabinet. You can see the latest press briefings, speeches, and remarks and read the President’s official statements.

3. Sweden


This is the official website of the European nation Sweden. It helps you understand life in Sweden, along with the work and business, Climate, and culture, including food, celebrations, history, and art.

4. Obama


With this official website of the Obama Foundation, a non-profit organization from Chicago, you can check out all the excellent work done towards uplifting people in need worldwide.

News & Blogs Websites

News and blog websites are meant to help you follow the current affairs and trends around the world and even keep up with active socio-political issues.

1. New York Times


New York Times Company owns the popular newspaper and website New York Times. This website gives you an insight into the company’s business, the latest news, investor news, journalism, and even job openings. You can even check out the company’s board of directors, history, social responsibility, and awards and recognition.

2. TechCrunch


TechCrunch is a website giving you the scoop about the latest tech from around the world. It covers emerging start-ups, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, the latest applications, space tech, etc. With this website, you can also keep yourself updated about upcoming tech-based events and even take part in the events organized by TechCrunch itself.

3. Microsoft


This Microsoft website covers the latest news and lets you read the latest blogs on diversity, brand development, artificial intelligence, etc. On this website, you can also check out Microsoft Podcasts, customer stories, and the latest Microsoft research and participate in upcoming Microsoft events.

4. TED


One of the most followed websites for blogs and articles, TED Blogs lets you in on the latest social and political issues like women’s empowerment, cultural diversity, climate change, etc., covered by some of the best writers and orators from around the world.

5. Mozilla


Mozilla is one of the most renowned websites, and Firefox is among the most prominent web browsers used worldwide. But this website is all about blogs and articles related to the latest trends, technology, political issues, deep dives, internet culture, etc. With this website, you can download the pc and mobile applications and install the web browser.

Products & Services Websites

Every company needs a web page to keep its target audience aware of its latest developments. However, some companies also need them to exhibit and sell their latest products and services.

1. Capgemini


Capgemini is one of the top strategic partners to loads of companies around the world. This website tells you all about how this company has been helping businesses transform for the past 50+ years. On this website, you can check all the sectors Capgemini has been active in and the services it provides to its clients.

2. Evernote


This platform helps you sync and organize your notes, jot down the do’s and don’ts, connect the notes with the calendar, provide creative and innovative templates for different notes, scan the documents, save particular snippets from a website, etc. You can sign up for this system through this website.

3. Renault Group


It is the official website of Renault, one of the biggest automotive groups on the planet. On this website, you can explore everything about Renault, including its subsidiaries Dacia, Alpine, and Mobilize. You can also check out the blogs showing how Renault is innovating in the field of EVs, connected vehicles, and autonomous vehicles.

4. Bloomberg


This website gives you all the information about Bloomberg Professional Services. This technology company provides entrepreneurs and decision-makers access to an array of information, ideas, and the right people for the job. This website offers a vast range of buyer and seller side services, along with trading, financial data management, Bloomberg Tradebook, Bloomberg Indices, etc.

5. NowLoan


This Scotland-based website is a part of PJG Financial Limited and aims to provide people with a suitable loan in mere minutes. This website offers easy loans, submit necessary documents, emergency loans, student loans, wedding loans, same-day loans, etc. You only need to fill out a form, choose from the list of suitable loans, apply for one, and get funded.

Entertainment Websites

Entertainment is one of the biggest industries in the whole world. So you can expect even a minor entertainment entity to go about without a website.

1. Sony Music


Sony Music is one of the most frequently-visited music websites, where you can check out all the record labels owned by Sony, including Columbia Records, RCA Records, Epic Records, Legacy Records, etc., and take a look at the artists signed by them.

2. The Walt Disney


This website tells you all about the different ventures of The Walt Disney Company. You can see the investor news and events and check out the CSR or corporate social responsibility. Job seekers can even check out the openings and apply for them.

3. Spotify


Spotify is one of the biggest music and podcast streaming platforms on the planet. Although this website can’t help you listen to music, you can download the PC and mobile app from it quite easily. Moreover, you can check out the music industry news and the behind-the-scenes facts of your favorite podcasts.

4. 007


Everyone’s favorite international spy James Bond 007, also has a website where you can check out the stuff related to the Bond movies, along with the news and experiences.

Personal Websites

Nowadays, almost every major celebrity, athlete, author, entrepreneur, etc., has a website they use to shine a light on their public life.

1. Katy Perry


Like so many celebrities worldwide, Katy Perry has her own website where you can check out her music, videos, and book tickets for her upcoming shows. There are even Katy Perry merch and fragrances available for the superfans.

2. Four Hour Work Week


Renowned American author, investor, podcaster, entrepreneur, and lifestyle guru Timothy Ferris wrote the NYT bestseller The 4-hour Work Week in 2007. This website, however, covers the book and follows Ferris himself while also letting you check out his other books and the podcast.


These websites from almost every domain should be enough to show the importance of the content management services of WordPress. Every day thousands of websites are created with the help of WordPress.

So if you are thinking of creating your website or hiring a professional from a leading WordPress development company to create a website for you, make sure it is developed with the help of WordPress. It can make your website more creative and customized and massively improve its functionality. We have a team of skilled WordPress developers with more than five years of experience in developing websites for industries like automotive, social, telecom, educational, media, finance, event management, etc. You can hire our WordPress developers to build a feature-rich website for your business.