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If you are concerned/ confused about your purchase, plugin and theme compatibility, installation, customization, update, or encounter any kind of problems during the use of our plugins, feel free to submit a ticket on our Support Forum. (Maybe you need to read FAQs first )

We highly recommend users to browse the public tickets for any potential solution of your issue. This could reduce the amount of work for us and the waiting time for you to get a solution because when you create a new ticket, it will be sent to a pending list to be revised in order by our support team member.

Upon creating a new ticket, please provide:

  • PayPal transaction ID or PayPal email used for the purchase.
    Please note that tickets which clearly provide both Paypal transaction ID and purchasing email address will be prioritized, hence received our support faster.
  • In case of serious or complicated technical issues, we might need you to provide the admin login information.
    If you’re worried about security or privacy, then please create a dev/ staging site which best describes your current issue and give us the login account to look into the problem. Read more about sending secure login information here. The more details, the faster we can get you a valid solution.
  • We strongly recommend users to write tickets in plain English.