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1. Purchase Guidelines

Presale Questions

In case users have any questions concerning plugin functionalities, plugin compatibility, order creation, purchase method, account questions, license choice, plugin bundle promotions, refund, extra feature requests or any other common issues, they can submit a ticket on our Support Forum.

For offering partnerships and cooperation with us or giving special suggestions, you can kindly contact us directly via contact email address: [email protected].

Upon purchasing any of the license types, we assume that users/ buyers have fully acknowledged the basic functionalities of the chosen plugin and what’s included in the license package.

Before submitting a new ticket, please spend some time browsing the public tickets/ articles for finding answers from similar resolved tickets. This also saves you from waiting for our response. You can find many useful blogs about the essences of our major plugins here in the Blogs section.

What You Can Get With Your Purchase

When users purchase any license type, they will receive:

– Premium Plugin: Including an issued invoice that comes with PayPal transaction details, customer ID, buyer’s email address and an installation .zip file of the Premium version.

– Premium Support: Order a customization service for zero fees to change the appearance, request new features, solve conflicts with third-party plugins or themes, as long as the target is achievable and executable based on our developers’ assessments. We might decline requests that require too much time or effort from us.

– Lifetime Updates: Users can request a download link for the latest update of Premium plugins via our Support Forum at any time as long as their license is active. Please provide your purchase details for verification prior to that.

Remember to fully back up your site before making any major updates or changes. We do not take any responsibility for any losses or damages triggered due to the careless use or inability to use our plugins.

Payment Method

Currently, we only accept payments through PayPal. Users who don’t have a PayPal account, and while registering for one isn’t convenient for them, can still use their credit/ debit cards to pay directly to our PayPal account.

In countries where PayPal is not available/ restricted/ banned, we are still working on finding a new method that is suitable for accepting payments and managing licenses at the same time. We’ll update this policy when a new method is added.

Payment Processing

After successfully making the purchase of a license from us, users/ buyers will receive a confirmation email attached with an issued invoice and the Premium installation .zip format file delivered to their inbox.

If you received a notification that your payment was successfully processed, but still didn’t get the invoice or installation zip file in the attachment, first please check the spam box or junk folder of your email to find such documents.

If you still couldn’t find it, kindly contact our Support Forum. Before submitting a new ticket, remember to fill in either or both fields:

  • PayPal transaction ID
  • PayPal email address used to purchase our plugin

Ticket body: New purchase details to be elaborated/ modified in the updated version of the purchase invoice in case you’d like to request an invoice modification.

After verifying your purchase, our support staff will send you a temporary direct link to download the installation file/ an updated invoice either via your email address or your submitted ticket on Ticksy within 24 hours since the submission of your support ticket.

Post-Sale Support

During the use of our plugin, if you encounter any issues regarding uncaught errors, plugin update errors, wrong front-end behaviors, difficulty in back-end settings, incompatibility with third-party plugins, add-ons, or themes, etc. feel free to contact us on Support Forum by submitting a new ticket at any time.

We strongly recommend users to write tickets in plain English. Failing to do that might result in a decline to provide support for your issue when the communication is too difficult to be achieved.

After your ticket is submitted, it will be sent to a pending line of tickets and we will process them one by one from the earliest to the latest submission time & date. Our support agents will process and reply to your ticket within 24 hours.

Any tickets that received our response but didn’t record any feedback or reply from users within 7 days since the last submission time, our system will force to close that ticket and assume this is a solved issue. Thus, please follow up on your ticket on Ticksy by replying to us in the meantime. Tickets that are assigned to our developers and they are still investigating will be kept open until users confirm the case is closed or resolved.

Much as we understand that some users got really serious urgent issues, we still need to abide by the rule of “First come, first served”. Hence, kindly be patient while waiting for our response. We’re really grateful for your understanding and patience since some technical issues cannot be solved in a short period of time.

If you would like to make a suggestion of features that you find useful to be added to our plugins, please be as specific as possible. Or you can order a customization service to have us help you change the appearance of layouts and other plugin elements on your site. It’s best if you can elaborate on your ideas/ requirements with some screenshots or links to the sample site. We might also have to request access to the admin area of your site for some cases. Our support agents will provide further guidelines upon processing your request.

The final decision on whether to add these features or not is in our developers’ hands. Possibly, we might add the required features to a custom plugin version to be used on your site only, but not the official plugin’s features if our developers decide that adding them is impossible or too risky for other users.

2. Refund Policy

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The purpose of this is to make sure our dear users have 100% satisfaction with the quality of our plugins and the services they receive.

After purchasing any license from us, all users are entitled to request a full refund to get their money back within 7 days counting from the date of their purchase for any reason, be it that you have simply changed your mind or don’t want to use our plugins anymore. We won’t ask you any questions for the reason anyhow.

After 7 days, users are no longer entitled to refunds and we will refuse to give your money back for any reason.

By purchasing a license and downloading our plugin(s), you agree to this refund policy and relinquish any rights to subject it to any questions, judgment, or legal actions.

Refund Request

To request a refund from us, kindly contact our Support Forum to submit a new ticket and fill in either or both fields:

  • PayPal transaction ID
  • PayPal email address used to purchase our plugin

It would be great if you can share what we can improve in your ticket. We are open to suggestions for improvements.

After verifying your purchase information, we will proceed with your refund request and transfer the full amount of your purchase back to your account within 48 hours upon receiving your claim.

3. License Terms

License Types

  • Single site: By purchasing this license, you are entitled to use it on one website (personal or client’s).
  • Up to 5 sites: By purchasing this license, you are entitled to use it on a maximum of 5 websites (personal or client’s).
  • Unlimited sites: By purchasing this license, you are entitled to unlimited use on any websites (personal or client’s).

* All licenses are a one-time purchase and included the lifetime update & premium support.

License Change/ Modification

In case you have second thoughts on your purchase of any plugin from us and would like to change your license to another plugin, you can request a license change/ modification via our Support Forum. In some circumstances, our support staff might offer a license change for some users after considering their situation and needs as well.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, we have a policy for license change/ modification as below:

  • After purchasing one of our plugins, within 30 days if you’d like to change your license to another plugin of ours or are offered a license modification from our support staff, feel free to contact us via this Support Forum with details of your purchase (PayPal ID and/or email address used to purchase).
  • We’re happy to proceed with your license switching after verifying your purchase. This will take up less than 48 hours to be completed.

Please note that:
– You can only change your license ONCE.
– Once the license switching is completed, there’s no way to change back or to another third plugin. So kindly read carefully through our Blogs to learn about the major functionalities of our plugins before purchasing and only request to change the license when you know exactly what you need for your site.

License Upgrade

Concerning the license upgrade, if you purchased a license type of our plugins, and within 30 days from the date of purchase, you decided to upgrade to a higher license, then you can get a full refund for your prior license right after successfully purchasing the higher one.

In order to claim your money back for the previous license, kindly contact us via Support Forum, submit a new ticket with sufficient purchase details of both licenses (attached invoices, PayPal transaction IDs and/or email address used to purchase). After verifying your license upgrade was successful, we will send the refund directly to your PayPal account within 48 hours.

License Termination

Any purchase of a license type from us is a one-time purchase, it’s not a subscription. So after getting the refund for your purchase, your license will immediately be terminated. You won’t be able to get Premium updates of our plugins or receive Premium support from us anymore.

After your purchase was refunded, kindly deactivate and remove our plugins from your site. Any illegal use or sharing of our plugins after getting a refund is prohibited. If detected, we will take necessary measures to make sure violators are responsible for their legal violations.

Repurchasing any license from us will result in the continuing of your Premium access but under a new identity.

Last updated: May 1, 2020.

We will keep our policy up to date and modify our policy at any time and without prior notice. Kindly check this page out before submitting any complaints or requests if you’re not sure about our current rules.